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                "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (Voltaire)



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                September 2015
       counted more than 200 000 guests who have visited the site. Still people are interested in finding out the truth about Al Bielek and his claims. Please spread the word.
                The webmaster

                I started updating all the links including the backups step by step which will take some months, however in case you hit a dead link, you can use the backup-link as an alternative.

                Backup-links added / updated:

                Links added:

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                Update status


                This website is a free source for all PX- and Montauk-related material. I am not responsible for the content or opinion stated on the listed links. Due to limited webspace, it is basically a catalogue of links. More than 500 links will guide you to all that is available on the internet.
                Note: All copyrights apply.

                Link Archive

                The left hand menu bar will bring you to my link archive. Some of the links will appear under more than one subject (like 'Philadelphia Experiment' and 'Montauk Project'). This is, because sometimes an article or a report refers to more than one subject. This website will be frequently updated, however, please report dead links to the webmaster.

                PX / Montauk E-mail list

                If you like to contribute to the quest for the truth or if you just want to visit another good website with lots of information, go to The Philadelphia Experiment from A - Z .
                That website is sponsored by Andrew Hochheimer and includes a free e-mail list.


                Project RAINBOW

                Was there really a top secret Navy experiment that took place in August 1943 ? Still the real story of the Philadelphia Experiment is hidden in the dark, and only some peripheral indications can be found after intensive and ambitious search.

                Contribute to the PX / Montauk Archive

                This website is intended to be a 'living' archive. Old stuff like dead links will be deleted while new documents / links will become available. And this archive will grow. This is your chance to contribute:

                Send your own research results or a link to your homepage to the me. Make your results available to all others who are interested in getting first-hand information from the edge of research.

                Mail your link or info to: The PX Archive

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