Varian Inc.

I have listed this company beside others, because there are some details in their company history, that may indicate a connection to the Philadelphia Experiment.

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    Terman was instrumental in helping his students gain useful research experience and even start their own businesses. The partnership of William Hewlett and David Packard is perhaps the best-known, but Terman was close friend and collaborator with William W. Hansen and Hansen's student Russ Varian and his brother Sigurd who formed Varian Associates.


  4. Dr. Russell H. Varian and his brother, Mr. Sigurd F. Varian


  6. McMahon: Was Hansen involved deeply in forming Varian Associates, then?
    Ginzton: Yes, he was one of the co-founders.
    McMahon: So Hansen, you, the Varian brothers ,and a number of other people beginning in that late 1930s period were together in some sense?
    Ginzton: We worked together, dreamed of the future together, had lots of ideas that we wanted to pursue, and this occupied some of the free time that we had during the war. We wanted to come back to California, we being the entire former Stanford group. You've seen this picture? This is the group that formed Varian, and more than half the group are Stanford people.