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  1. http://www.totse.com/en/fringe/gravity_anti_gravity/invisi1.html
  2. >
    Was invisibility achieved in the 1930s?

  3. http://www.totse.com/en/fringe/gravity_anti_gravity/mntauk.html

  4. The Tesla/Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk/UFO Connection

  5. http://www.virtualtheater.com/phili-01.html
  6. The Philadelphia Experiment - Project Rainbow textfile
    The Philadelphia Experiment was a key part of American history because it demonstrates what a government is willing to do to have an advantage in war. - Mark Bean

  7. http://comunidad.ciudad.com.ar/argentina/capital_federal/nandoherrera/rotfield.htm

  8. How to generate a Rotating Field
    Many of the sources in the alt-sci underground relate that Philadelphia Experiment-type setups rely on a rotating (usually magnetic) field as the key mechanism for producing spacetime shifts.

  9. http://comunidad.ciudad.com.ar/argentina/capital_federal/nandoherrera/delta.htm

  10. The Delta-T Antenna

  11. http://www.softwareartist.com/PHILEXP/FRASER.TXT

  13. http://www.sydweedon.com/resources/Philadelphia.htm
  14. The Sight: The Philadelphia Experiment - My own thoughts about the Philadelphia Experiment by Syd Weedon, June 29, 2001

  15. http://www.eulogyphiladelphia.com/
  16. Eulogy: CD Dawn Of Decades - Label LIBERATION THROUGH HEARING
    Story Behind the Song:
    This song relates the facts, or the facts as they are believed to be by some, of the Philadelphia experiment. Coupled with this information are some of my own thoughts and ideas on this subject.

  17. http://www.cowan70.freeserve.co.uk/miscellaneous/philadelphia_experiment_01.htm
  18. T h e P h i l a d e l p h i a E x p e r i m e n t - Project Rainbow And The USS Eldridge

  19. http://www.mondovista.com/philadelphia.html
  20. THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT:What They Didn't Want You To Know - by Joe Turner

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  22. The Philadelphia Experiment - Statement by 1992-2000, The Association for Rational Thought

  23. http://www.ufomind.com/misc/1999/mar/d27-001.shtml

  24. From: stig.agermose@get2net.dk Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999
    Eldridge crew amused by "Philadelphia Experiment" [news]

  25. http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/Theories/Electromagnetism/Interest_From_Other_Worlds_/The_Philadelphia_Experiment/Myth_Maker_/myth_maker_.html
  26. Those who have danced to the tune of the Philadelphia Experiment have danced to many others, producing some of the most fanciful ideas about the Bermuda Triangle and UFOs. The results are the same: a new folklore. Folklore is common, but it never masqueraded as science before. This page is intended to weed them apart.

  27. http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/Theories/Electromagnetism/Interest_From_Other_Worlds_/The_Philadelphia_Experiment/The__Eye_Witness_/the__eye_witness_.html
  28. Carlos Allende has been variously portrayed as a mystical gypsy, a US Navy sailor who knew too much, an insider who found out too much, or an uneducated man who simply saw too much and later tried to tell his story as best he could.

  29. http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/Theories/Electromagnetism/Interest_From_Other_Worlds_/The_Philadelphia_Experiment/The__Scientist_/the__scientist_.html
  30. Morris K. Jessup: Despite Manson Valentine's claim that he was a "famous and respected scientist" was a fairly obscure astronomer. His 1955 book only sold modestly.

  31. http://ebe.allwebco.com/Sections/GovernmentCoverups/Archive/PhiladelphiaExperiment/myth.shtml
  32. Ship's myth keeps reapperaring - by Lacy McCrary INQUIRER STAFF WRITER 1999 Philadelphia Newspaper INC

  33. http://www.ascension2000.com/Shift-of-the-Ages/shift10.htm and
  34. The Philadelphia Experiment and Ascension

  35. http://www.angelfire.com/tx/phillyexp/
  36. The Philadelphia Experiment -Project Invisibility, was the Navy successful in 1943?

  37. http://www.graveworm.com/sites/philex.html
  38. The Philadelphia Experiment
    In the fall of 1943 the USS Eldridge supposedly vanished and teleported from a port in Philadelphia to a port in Virginia.

  39. http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Classroom/4623/thesis3.html
  40. III. The Philadelphia Experiment and the Invisible Truth

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  42. The Philadelphia Experiment by Lee Krystek 1999

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  46. The Philadelphia Experiment : A Personal Saga in Time Travel by Drue, edited by Debra Cunningham

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  48. The Philadelphia Experiment 'the Invisible Ship Experiment' by Alex Saunders for Search Magazine

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  50. Quest for Truth: The Philadelphia Experiment by Mack W. Shelton Jr. May 8, 1996

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  52. Philadelphia Experiment by Brad Steiger - Part 1

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  54. Philadelphia Experiment by Brad Steiger - Part 2

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  56. Now, we're gonna make everything CLEAR about that rumor. By Benjamin Leblanc

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  59. http://maxpages.com/mapit/THE_PHILADELPHIA_EXPERIMENT_2

  61. http://members.aol.com/TimeTr2000/
  62. Some links

  63. http://community-2.webtv.net/alien510/ThePhiladelphia/
  64. Project Rainbow was an experiment in the dematerialization of a U.S. Navy warship. Around 1943 the experiment was declared a success and the USS Eldridge was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk,Va. but with dire results.

  65. http://www.angelfire.com/hi/thetruthizoutthere/page5.html
  66. The Philadelphia Experament - The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment

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  68. The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment by Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

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  70. Files on the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT - Various links

  71. http://www.tribuneindia.com/1999/99nov21/sunday/head4.htm
  72. The ship that disappeared - or did it? By P. Lal - The Tribune, Sunday, November 21, 1999

  73. http://home.xnet.com/~warinner/phexp.html
  74. "In the interest of furthering Emily Kelly's quest, consider the following entry from the FAQ: ..."

  75. http://artbell.com/guestb.html
  76. ART BELL Guest list - Archive
    "Al Bielek w/Preston Nichols - Al has new information that he has not come public before on the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel. On August 12th 1943 an experiment was carried out aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge, stationed at Philadelphia Navy yard."

  77. http://www.truthseekers.freeserve.co.uk/truth/tr18philadelphia.html

  79. http://freespace.virgin.net/alexander.tomlinson1/folio/Published 99.htm
  80. Full page illustration for Fortean Times magazine issue 128.
    The article looks into the facts behind the myth of the USS Eldridge DE 173. Was it the first use of 'stealth' technology or just another fishermans tale?

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  82. Philadelphia Experiment-Synchronspiracy Theory by Clyde Lewis

  83. http://www.ufomag.com/archive/1199.html
  84. Time Travail
    A curious non-scientist grapples with the endless intricacies of quantum time travel theory. By Vicki Ecker The Legend Of The Philadelphia Experiment ..... 42 Did sailors aboard a U.S. destroyer suffer the horrible consequences of a failed time travel experiment in 1943? By Jan Hester

  85. http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TG-ELF.html
  86. "In July 1996, a the Haarp of Alaska and the EISCAT of Norway, tried to log into the Time Gate 96, by phase-conjugating these two devices, into a temporal shift. One result may have been affected in the TWA 800 flight. Ghost ships of the USS Eldridge, from the Philadelphia experiment, were spotted on the Atlantic at the time." By Ananda, July 7, 2000

  87. http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/prev.htm
  88. "24. Montauk; two American seamen jumped off the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment on 12th August 1943. They found themselves not in the harbour, but on Long Island, New York, 12th August 1983. They had time-travelled to a point where the government was conducting a similar project, called the Montauk Project, connected by planetary magnetic fields that peak every 20 years on 12th August."

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  90. The Philadelphia Experiment - By Stuart Slade and Tony DiGiulian - Updated 14 February 2000

  91. http://ufos.about.com/science/ufos/library/weekly/aa081997.htm
  92. A Twisted Tale: The Philadelphia Experiment
    "Where there's smoke, there's fire!" Sure, except that sometimes the smoke turns out to be fog. Often it just means that your eyeglasses need cleaning. (Uncle Phaed's UFO Investigator's Handbook)

  93. http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/leiber/50/dgmjpp.htm
  94. "Incidentally, the extra-dimensional instability of SIGIL aircraft is identical to the temporal flux experienced by the USS ELDRIDGE during 1943-1983, albeit on a smaller scale and shorter duration."

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  96. August 19-26, 1999 city beat The Where Ship? Project by Frank Lewis

  97. http://www.afn.org/~afn46003/ra.html
  98. The Philadelphia Experiment - David's Red Alert Homepage "In 1939, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla told the United States Office of Naval Research that Einstein's Unified Field Theory could be used to jam certain types of radar, thereby making objects become invisible.... Many authorities believe that much of the research data on cloaking, however, had been used by Lockheed in its construction of the B-1 stealth bomber."

  99. http://www.FreeRepublic.com/forum/a3aff6ad968dc.htm#top
  100. ATHENS, Greece (AP) - 05/13/2001
    "A woman was killed Sunday when two successive bolts of lightning struck a party of hikers in southern Greece, authorities said. Nine other people from the 19-member group were hurt, one seriously, and another was missing." Missing person was allegly found onboard of the USS Eldridge.

  101. http://www.gaynor.co.uk/reports/ufo/ufo64.htm
  102. U.S.S. ELDRIDGE: Project Rainbow "The Philadelphia Experiment" In 1943, the U.S. Navy began conducting tests to degauss the hulls of ships so they could not be damaged or destroyed by magnetic mines.

  103. http://www.portlandmercury.com/2000-11-09/feature.html
  104. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SPOOKY by John Dooley 11/9/2000
    "The goals of the experiments were to make U.S. Naval ships invisible in order to defeat Hitler's navy. Instead, so the story goes, the test ship, USS Eldridge, did become invisible but when it re-materialized hours later, the crew members' bodies had become intermixed with the physical composition of the ship, killing some, and leaving others with their parts sticking out of bulkheads. "

  105. http://www.padrak.com/ine/RS_REF14.html
  106. RS Electrogravitic References: Part 14 of 19.
    "A movie called "The Philadelphia Experiment" was made, but delayed for two years as the Pentagon was able to halt its release. After the war, research continued under the tutelage of Dr. John Von Neumann who had directed the technical aspects of the Phily Experiment."

  107. http://www.martiansgohome.com/smear/v46/ss990505.htm
  108. Saucer Smear by James W. Moseley: RE-HASH OF THE "PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT

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  111. http://www.accnorwalk.com/~lore/Time.html
  112. "Neumann was allowed to fit a battleship (U.S.S. Eldridge) with tons of experimental equipment. He mounted two massive generators (75 KVA each) where the forward gun turret would have been."

  113. http://www.historyhouse.com/stories/iceberg.asp
  114. In 1947, the Eldridge was accidentally backed into Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, destroying some 30 meters of pier and two hot dog stands.[2] The ship took in water and was eventually sold as scrap to a windmill outfit in Duluth, Minnesota.

  115. http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/myst/myst20a.html
  116. Timeline of A Mysterious Universe - Compiled by I. Marc Carlson
    22 Jul 43[M/U]: The first test of the "The Philadelphia Experiment" on the USS Eldridge.
    2 Aug[M/U]: The second test of the "The Philadelphia Experiment" on the USS Eldridge. According to Jessup and the Allende papers the US Navy and the SS Andrew Fursenth are involved in experiments of an invisibility screen.

  117. http://dglaze.yi.org/categories.php?op=newindex&catid=10
  118. An Optical and Radar Invisibility Technique Deduced from the World War II "Philadelphia Experiment" Legend - By ALEXANDER STRANG FRASER 1991

  119. http://www.computects.com/generic.html?pid=5
  120. "While the Phoenix Project was investigating weather and the use of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in 1947 or 1948. Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge. This project was concerned with the electromagnetic technology."

  121. http://www.jumpgate.technomages.net/history.html
  122. Aug 12, 1943 - The US military Rainbow Project tests faster than light travel in Philadelphia harbor with the USS Eldridge. The ship was teleported 1983.

  123. http://www.thepaper.net/yard.html
    "Of all the highly fascinating and enduring mysteries which are based on ridiculously suspect sources, the Philadelphia Experiment must rank fairly close to, if not actually at, the top."

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  126. The "Philadelphia Experiment" - 03 February 2001 by Capt. Ioannides, Officer of Hellenic Merchant Marine

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  128. Obscure Research Labs Director BT Elder.
    Q: Director, It has come to my attention that you or your lab (ORL) might have information about the alleged "Philadelphia Experiment" aboard the USS Eldridge in 1943.
    BTE1: That's a damned lie! Not only were we never there, but we have several highly paid witnesses to prove it...

  129. http://www.wolfram.demon.co.uk/rp_ch_ax_tl_3.html
    The Philadelphia Naval Yard is destroyed by a group of eight illegal immigrant superhumans, along with several ships, including the destroyer USS Eldridge. Dozens of people, especially scientists, are killed by the superhumans who then flee after setting fire to the base.

  131. http://www.greatdreams.com/dt1.htm
  132. "Here's another tid bit... in my last message I ran the dates and relations up to 1/11. Don't know how the following fits in yet but 2/11 is my long lost uncle's birthday. He has been lost since September 1943. He was a merchant marine and the last know sign off of a ship was in Philadelphia around the time... you guessed it the so called USS Eldridge issue." By Doug Taylor

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  134. The Philadelphia Experiment -Project Rainbow by Xenith Group, 2001

  135. http://www.ledomedesprit.com/Void/vortex.html
  136. "Interesting in this view are the experiments by physicist Tesla in the beginning of this century. He is believed to have build a secret military machine, based on very high frequency electric and magnetic fields, that could make an object disappear for a while." Article about the Vortex and the PX by Edward Maesen, 1997

  137. http://www.atlantisrising.com/issue7/ar7ufos1.html

  138. THE UFO'S OF THE THIRD REICH by Len Kasten - Atlantis Rising Issue 7, 1996
    "After this, the invisibility program, known as Project Rainbow, made rapid progress and eventuated, in 1943, in the spectacular teleportation of the U.S.S. Eldridge from its berth in the Philadelphia Navy Yard to Newport News, VA, and then back again by the successful application of Einstein's Unified Field Theory."

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  140. Col. Corso confirms Philadelphia Experiment - by Robert W. Beckwith, February 14, 1998

  141. http://www.abduct.com/filer/gf199842.htm
    "Much of Townsend Brown's work remains cloaked in mystery, but some researchers believe that he participated in the US Navy's alleged 1943 Philadelphia Experiment which may have been an attempt to make a warship (U.S.S Eldridge) radar-invisible."

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  144. Shaman's Rattle: The Bermuda Triangle by Marion, Pattaya Mail Publishing Co.Ltd., 1999 "This is the date of the "Philadelphia Experiment" when it is believed that the US Navy experimented with an electronic smokescreen to hide a large vessel. During that experiment, the USS Eldridge was reported to be in Philadelphia Harbor - and in the Bermuda Triangle at the same time!"

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  146. Subject: The Philadelphia Experiment
    Lines: 395

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  148. The first part of a series digested from Usenet - Subject: The Philadelphia Experiment, 30 Jan 1995

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  150. In the autumn of 1943 the US Navy's "Project Rainbow" involved an American destroyer, the USS Eldridge, in an experiment to make it radar proof ~ but something went terribly wrong.

  151. http://home.att.net/~berliner-ultrasonics/dudgeon.html
  152. "I really should warn those with a serious interest in the Dudgeon automobile that there are many links out there to one Edward Dudgeon, who was in the U. S. Navy from 1942 through 1945, and who testified about the alleged disappearance of the destroyer USS Eldridge, DE 173, from Philadelphia harbor, due to mysterious devices brought on board under extremesecurity precautions, and the alleged disappearance of two sailors from a nearby tavern!" by S. Berliner, III, 2001

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  154. "then there is the the legend of the philadelphia experiment aka project rainbow aka the montauk project."

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  156. "Investigates the possibility that the US Navy during World War II conducted the Philadelphia Experiment which made the battleship USS Eldridge invisible. ..." PDF-File

  157. http://www.enigma.eccosys.org/mojave/chapter_10.html
  158. "What caught the Navy's interest however were references to the so-called 'Philadelphia Experiment', a Navy project which has been confirmed by others that involved an attempt to make a destroyer, the 'U.S.S. ELDRIDGE', invisible optically as well as to radar. An intense electromagnetic field was allegedly generated and the ship did go invisible to the point that it's water-line could be seen in the water -- minus the ship itself."

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  160. The PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT - an explanation by Alexander Strang Fraser

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  168. "in terms of time travel being real, i have known of the montauk project since before i learned to speak ( this life ), and have until recently been in possesion of a Copper 1943 U.S. penny. in 1943 there were no Copper cents made - they were all strontium-tin. the copper stocks were used to make the huge coils for the USS Eldridge."

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  170. Subject: Einstein's Theory of Invisibilty/Philadelphia Experiment - MadSci Network: Physics, May 12 1999

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  172. Official Transcript of David Wilcock's Appearance on The Laura Lee Show, 7/17/99
    D: "The Philadelphia Experiment was a case where you have the USS Eldridge, in 1943, [which] was berthed in the dock at Norfolk Harbor, and it was transported up to Penn's Landing Area in Philadelphia and then back down to Norfolk again."

  173. http://www.gravitywarpdrive.com/Supporting_Information.htm
  174. Kenneth F.Wright, April 10, 2000
    "This experiment, that took place in Philadelphia Harbor on August 12, 1943, was intended to make the Destroyer Escort, USS Eldridge (DE-173), visually and RADAR invisible."

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  176. Philadelphia Experiment - Discussion Forum

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  178. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - April 2, 1999

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  180. The Philadelphia Experiment (Project Invisibility)
    Project Rainbow was allegedly an experiment conducted upon a small destroyer escort ship during World War II, both in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and at sea; the goal was to make that ship invisible to enemy detection.

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  182. The Philadelphia Experiment - Project Rainbow - The Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow, has been a subject of long controversy and debate.

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  184. Troubled Times - Philadelphia Experiment
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that the Philadelphia Experiment, as reported, was a decoy, as the actual experiment took place in Kansas. A March 26, 1999 investigative report confirmed this.

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  186. What little I know:
    In July 1943, a battle ship pulled into the Delaware Bay area for a Naval experiment that involved making the ship invisible in some way.

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    M U L T M E D I A M A G I C , I N C . 1 The Philadelphia Experiment Author: R. Daniel Woolman 1996-06-19 - PDF-File

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  190. Once again, George surprises me by saying the ship used in the 1943 Invisibility Test, out of the Philadelphia Harbor, known to us as the Philadelphia Experiment is a ship now part of the Greek Navy, known as the Leon.
    R. Daniel Woolman, 1996-06-19 , PDF-File

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  194. The Philadelphia Experiment lives on - By Georgina Bruni
    "A fairly recent addition to the famous Philadelphia Experiment is a man called Drue (Andy) who claims he was one of five civilian scientists involved in the actual experiment that made the USS Eldridge disappear on August 15th 1943."

  195. http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/updates/1998/jan/m24-028.shtml
  196. Re: The Philadelphia Experiment lives on - By Tom Burnett
    "No offense Georgina, but this is the third nonsensical post you have sent today. This one is simple, too. If Andy was a civilian scientist in 1943, he was at least 21 years of age at that time, assuming that he went to college for at least a little while."

  197. http://www.urbanlegends.com/science/philadephia_experiment.html
  198. "40 years later the project [Project Rainbow aka the Philadelphia experiment] was reportedly taken over and continued by a cabal of CIA agents in league with the Bavarian Illuminati of Germany, and it's fellow occult lodge, the Bavarian Thule Society which had created the Nazi Empire." By Andrew Warinner

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  206. Case History: So you thought time travel was impossible. Well, think again! The United States navy not only rendered a ship invisible to radar, they unintentionally made it vanish completely.

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  216. Site from Andrew Hochheimer, who has done extensive research on the subject, and has given interviews for the Discovery Channel and A&E.

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  218. Aliens, Time-Travel and Wormholes - Interview with Al Bielek

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  224. and
    I first heard about the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments in 1991 when I hosted the television talk show "The Metaphysical Experience" in New York City.

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  226. I heard about the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments in 1989 when a UFO researcher named Bill Knell sent me a video tape...

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  228. and
    http://www.users.cihost.com/ata/chat99.htm and
    Marshall Barnes Chat Archive

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  230. Project Rainbow

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  232. PX-Technology transferred to Taiwan !

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  234. The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge. As the Eldridge was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the events concerning the ship have commonly been referred to as the "Philadelphia Experiment." The objective of this experiment was to make the ship undetectable to radar and while that was achieved, there was a totally unexpected and drastic side effect. The ship became invisible to the naked eye and was removed from time and space as we know it. It went into 10-dimensional hyper-space. For further info into this, read the book called "Hyperspace" by Dr. Michio Kaku.

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  236. Project Rainbow
    The Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow, has been a subject of long controversy and debate. It was an attempt by the Navy to create a ship that could not be detected by magnetic mines and or radar. However, its results were far different and much more dangerous than the Navy ever expected.

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  238. Editor's Note: Although we try to find interesting new stories for our readers, occasionally we come across a story that merits a re-printing or retelling. This article by Al Bielek is one of the most definitive works written concerning the Philadelphia Experiment. Hope you enjoy and I hope Mr. Bielek isn't upset

  239. http://www.time-travel.com/albonpx.htm

  240. Al Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment - January 13, 1990 in Dallas, Texas.
    The Philadelphia Experiment (U.S. Government designation "Project Rainbow") had its origin in a feasibility study started in the early 1930's at the University of Chicago (1931) and later moved to Princeton's Institute of Advanced Studies. Involved in the Program at various times were renowned scientists that included Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and others.

  241. http://www.intalek.com/WarpDrive/Reports/AmplitudeModulationAndPhaseConjugation.htm

    A couple of years back, Preston Nichols published some books about the so- called Montauk Project, an alleged cover-up type series of experiments said to have taken place in the 1970s and '80s using the old SAGE radar at the defunct Montauk Point, Long Island radar base.

  243. http://www.e-telescope.gr/index_en.htm

  244. The Philadelphia Experiment: History and Myth

    The story of the Philadelphia Experiment keeps intriguing peoples minds for almost half a century from the first reports on this strange story. Result of a man's creative fantasy or a fact that reaches the realm of science fiction? Even today it is difficult to give a positive and undisputed answer...

    Note: Excellent Greek website.

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  246. The Philadelphia Experiment papers

    Placed in the public domain from the VANGARD SCIENCES archives on September 8, 1989. Our mailing address is PO BOX 1031, Mesquite, TX 75150. Voice phone (Jerry 214-324-8741...Ron 214-484-3189 KeelyNet (214) 324-3501