The 773rd

The 773rd was the last unit of the USAF to be employed at the Montauk Airforce Station. They were in charge until 1989, when the Airforce Station was finally shutdown.

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    The Montauk base was later incorporated into the nation's first two-air defense radar networks known as the "Lashup" and "Permanent" networks. Operation of the base was the responsibility of the Air Force's 773rd Aircraft Control & Warning (AC&W) Squadron.


  4. Dallie was an Air Force baby, his dad assigned to the 773rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron -- or "ACWRON" in Air Force talk -- Air Defense Command, United States Air Force. The radar site was located at Montauk Point on the eastern tip of Long Island.


  6. A HISTORY OF TEXAS TOWERS IN AIR DEFENSE 1952-1964 by Thomas W. Ray
    TT-3 followed suit in October 1958 (SAGE installation) TT-4, in mid-April 1959, was declared manually operational, and in April 1960, SAGE operational. Cost of the towers, including platform, legs, radars and communications equipment was reckoned at around $13 million each, and with operating expenses figuring about $1.5 million annually thereafter. TT-3 reported to, and comprised an annex of the 773rd AC&-W Squadron (Montauk, New York); TT-4, the 646th AC&W Squadron (Highlands, New Jersey).