The SAGE System

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    Story about the TEXAS Towers - part of SAGE


  4. SAGE Main Site, lots of information


  6. Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE)


  8. The SAGE Main Computer Fort LEE, VA as of 1958


  10. First-Generation Computers and SAGE


  12. Replacement radar for SAGE


  14. Anectode about SAGE installation in Canada


  16. Military Radar Defence Lines of Northern North America


  18. The Legacy of the United States Cold War Defense Radar Program


  20. The History of Montauk Air Force Station by Ashley Rye


  22. Save the Montauk AN/FPS-35


  24. The site was incorporated into the nationwide Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) air defense network during 1958. It had previously been an important site within the Experimental SAGE Sector, which proved the validity of the SAGE concept.


  26. AN/FPS-6 Long-Range Height Finder Radar / AN/FPS-90
    The AN/FPS-6 radar, developed at RADC, was the first long-range height finder radar employed at all Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) locations. This system had a maximum range of 200 nautical miles and a height-finding capacity of 75,000 feet within an angle limit of minus 2 to plus 32 degrees


  28. AN/FPS-35 Long-Range Radar
    This equipment was designed to succeed existing Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) radar systems, which had served as the backbone of air defense of the CONUS, in order to provide enhanced electronic counter countermeasures (ECCM) capability. This Sperry-built system was designed to operate at 420 to 450 MHz. It was first deployed in December 1960, but problems hampered the program. Four of these units were operational in 1962. Eventually twelve (12) AN/FPS-35 radars would become operational in the US. The system suffered frequent bearing problems as the antenna weighed seventy tons.