Kearny Federal Shipbuilding and Drydocks

The Federal Shipbuilding and Drydocks at Kearny, New Jersey is the place where many of the Destroyer Escorts were built, including the DE 173 USS ELDRIDGE. Located next to the New York Bay and places like Fort Monmouth (Army Signal Lab), Fort Hancock / Fort Tilden (harbor radar posts) and companies like Sperry, it was a most suitable location for running all kind of tests concerning ships and radar technology.

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    How Destroyers Were Built - Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company's Kearny, New Jersey yard is seen in this July 1941 photo.


  4. 80.8.1 Records of the officer in charge of operating the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Kearny, NJ
    Textual Records (in New York): Letters sent, correspondence register, newspaper clippings, reports of interviews and press conferences, auditing records, financial statements, labor cost records, contract summaries, and other records, 1941-42.


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  8. Strike at the Federal


  10. Federal Shipbuilding was a subsidiary of U.S. Steel. Its Kearny shipyard was one of the five major pre-war shipbuilders, in continuous operation since 1918, and one of the few that was fully operational before the war. It expanded its capabilities with the aid of $10mm from the Navy. The shipyard closed permanently after the war. The site on the Newark River is no longer identifiable, having been redeveloped for other industrial purposes.


  12. Federal Shipbuilding developed a second shipyard for the war effort, with $20mm from the Navy. The shipyard was closed and liquidated after the war.