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    NDRC History
    Bush and his colleagues recognized that the international situation required that NDRC draw upon existing laboratories, private and public. NDRC questioned the Army and Navy on their current research and needs. NDRC also wrote to 725 colleges and universities nationwide to obtain information about their staffs and facilities that might be used for military research.

  3. http://www.academic.marist.edu/psf/psfa13/13indext.htm
    Vavenar Bush general overview and links to NDRC
  4. http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/psf/box2/a13u01.html
    Status of Contract funds of the NDRC
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  6. Form of Organization of the NDRC

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  8. NDRC - Office of the Chairman

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  10. Section A-1 Explosives, John von Neumann listed

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  12. Division D - Detection, Control and Instruments of the NDRC, Compton as Chairman

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  14. Navy Department Liason Officers, Bureau of Ships

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  16. Navy Department Liason Officers, Bureau of Ships, Supplement

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  18. List of Contractors, universities

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  20. Second page of contractors, still universities

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  22. Contractors, now companies listed

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  24. Final page of contractors, summary.

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  26. Memorandum by FDR to Bush: ".. the whole thing should be pushed not only in regard to development, but also With due regards to time."

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  28. Report of the NDRC for the first year

  29. http://www.archives.gov/exhibit_hall/a_people_at_war/science_pitches_in/articles_science_pitches_in/pledge_of_secrecy.html

  30. Pledge of Secrecy for Compton