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Al Bielek for sure was the highlight in the early 90ties, when he as a "eye-witness" of both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project unveiled himself to the public. Soon, a lot of interviews and speeches were done and his story was spread all over the world by the internet and print media. Only very few people have chosen the rocky way to prove or disprove the statements, that ususaly are 'bought' so easily from the media and his growing "fan community". Al Bielek became some sort of idol for all the PX and Montauk interested people, not only in the USA. The interviews of Al Bielek can be found all over the web, and in 10 years, nobody made a real attempt to find out what's true and what's not. Except a small group of researchers around Marshall Barnes.
In fact, much of the details of Al Bielek's tales fail to withstand a close look into them and can easily be disproved. That includes his allegedly career at the US Navy as well as his involvement in the Montauk Project and many of the photos that can be seen at his website are taken from various sources, except from Al Bielek's personal picture album.

What you didn't know

According to a Tesla related book published in Germany, Al Bielek worked as a engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland / Oregon in 1979/1980. He did some research on Extreme Low Frequencies (ELF) together with another researcher, William Bise. Both announced their results twice to the public: They were speakers at the United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) in 1982 and 1984. The tapes of their speeches still can be ordered by the USPA service. Al Bielek found out, that the Russians had built two transmitter stations, from which they were capable to create electro-magnetic fields on the other side of the earth (USA territory) in order to influence the weather phenomena. William Bise was researching the effect of ELF on human brains and behavior and stated several times, that ELF would be a perfect medium for mind-control attempts. I assume, that Al Bielek got the basic idea of the Montauk Project from Bise' theory of mind-control. In 1984 at the USPA conference, Bielek is listed together with Preston Nichols as speaker. I think, that it was around this time, that these two specialists met and from that time on they prepared the whole Montauk story together. Bielek already recognized the signs of time, because the famous book by Berlitz/Moore came out in 1979 and was a number one seller right from the start. In 1984 then came the first of the two PX-movies into the cinemas and again, this was exactly, what the people wanted to see.

By this time, Bielek and Nichols figured out, that they could easily make some real money with riding the "PX-wave", because the market for "mystery stories" just developed. A few years later, TV series like "The Unexplained" and "The X-Files" were TV chartbreakers. I don't know yet, when Duncan Cameron joined the other two guys, but his name and a fake family history of Al Bielek combined with the story of the PX from the Berlitz/Moore book and from the PX-movie was the stuff which has to be told (and sold) to the public. In 1990, A Bielek walked into the MUFON conference and claimed: "It's all real, I have been a part of these experiments". Only a few month later, the mass media and the internet were filled with his interview. He had every detail of his story well prepared and on hand - except some proof. In 2000, he finally created his own website as a merchandising portal for his "underground videos" and his CD's with "9 hours of authentic interview with the only PX survivor". And, guess what - it still sells and brings him money.

Almost everything posted at his website was "lend" from other persons/events, especially the parts of Al Bielek's/Duncan Cameron's biography (which are total fakes) as well as most of the rest. Marshall Barnes and his supporters got to the bottom of Al Bielek's lies and their results will be presented in Marshall Barnes next book. Don't miss it - it will be the end of a lot of lies and Bielek`s personal Waterloo.
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  18. Just when it seemed as through the bizarre mystery of Dr. M.K. Jessup, the so-called 'Allende Letters,' and the alleged U.S. Navy's World War II experiment in teleportation and invisibility had faded into the recesses of UFO mythology, Alfred Bielek, a researcher who I have personally known for twenty years, has stepped forward to declare that his memory - once 'brainwashed' - has cleared and that he now remembers having participated in the legendary 'Philadelphia Experiment.'


    [Spelling & identification of several previously unrecognized words & names corrected by Rick Andersen, October 1992.]


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  26. I first heard about the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments in 1991 when I hosted the television talk show "The Metaphysical Experience" in New York City.
    A friend had told me about Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek, all of whom claimed to have been involved in both experiments which according to them actually link.


  28. By Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940's. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them.


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