Andrew Hochheimer

Andrew Hochheimer is the sponsor of the e-mail list, which I am part of since about three years. His website is a # 1 place for anybody, who likes to know more about the Philadelphia Experiment. Andrew had been on several television shows by now and is well known in the cirle of PX researcher. Feel free to join his mail list as well.

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    The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z - Andy Hochheimers outstanding Website - must see !


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  6. "They portrayed Rinehart's account of how the experiment was accomplished as a only a theory that Marshall come up with. They had researcher Andrew Hochheimer making only skeptical comments when his web site takes one of the closest looks at how it could have happened and comes up with much the same information that Marshall did."
    From The Philadelphia Experiment - What They Didn't Want You To Know by Joe Turner


  8. Andrew Hochheimer, who has written a serious rebuttal debunking this book, describes the Invisibility project in these terms...