Carlos Allende

Carlos Allende (or Carl Allen) was the one, who started the rumors about a top secret US Navy experiment, which allegedly took place in 1943 involving a Destroyer Escort vessel and it's crew. His three letters sent to Morris K. Jessup are the starting point for all major investigations of the so-called Philadelphia Experiment that have been done so far. The background of Allende was investigated in depth by Robert Goerman, who finally managed to meet Allende in Philadelphia.

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    Carlos Allende's first letter to Morris Jessup


  4. Carlos Allende's second letter to Morris Jessup


  6. Alias Carlos Allende: The Mystery Man Behind the Philadelphia Experiment by Robert A. Goerman


  8. The "deathbed statement" of Carlos Allende about the "Philadelphia Experiment."


  10. What finally happened to Carlos Allende?
    The Social Security Death Index has this information:

    Carlos Allende
    SSN 196-20-5789
    Residence: 80631 Greeley, Weld, CO
    Born 31 May 1925
    Died 5 Mar 1994

    Excuse me. My name is Robert A. Goerman. I am an investigative journalist/researcher who has found himself entangled in a mystery that has spanned more five decades. The subject of this mystery called himself "Carlos Allende" although he was born Carl Meredith Allen. Dozens of magazine articles, books, and films speculated about him.
    He died in Greeley on the date in question.