Marshall Barnes

After reading most of the available PX related material, one will easily recognize Marshall Barnes as the most reliable investigator of the Philadelphia Experiment and it's spin-off technologies like the Montauk Project and HAARP. The following links will give you a good overview about the work of Marshall Barnes and his constant fight against other so-called "specialists".

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    A.R.T.Labs: Reality R&D - MARSHALL BARNES Reality Engineer


  4. Marshall Barnes Background Page


  6. Art Bell - Past Show Archives: Art got some inside info from Marshall Barnes during the meeting and he joins Art on the program tonight, in the first hour, to let us all in on what really happened.


  8. philadelphia experiment chat archive November 7, 1998


  10. Marshall Barnes Chat - 3/12/99 Chat Archive


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  13. and and and and and and

  14. The Philadelphia Experiment - What They Didn't Want You To Know by Joe Turner


  16. The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later - Dateline San Francisco, 6/6/98


  18. The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later by Jacques F. Vallee 12-10-97


  20. The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later - Abstract 1993, 1994


  22. Anatomy Of A Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later by Jacques F. Vallee


  24. World Of The Strange 11/30/98


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  28. World of Strange June 03, 2000: Special Chat Guest At "World Of The Strange" Chat Room "Marshall Barnes" To talk on The Philadelphia Experiment and his ever increasing investigations!

  29. and and and

  30. World Of The Strange December 31, 1999 Jacques Vallee Hoaxed Science & UFO Community With His "Anatomy!" UFO Sweden


  32. Barnes book "The Rinehart Files"


  34. Last updated 04/26/01: Marshall Barnes, who identifies himself as a "Special Civilian Investigator," claims Dudgeon's story is disinformation and that Vallee is a hoaxer out to cover up the government's real activities


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