As radar equipment became more and more important for both sides of the War parties, the developement of countermeasures became very important, too.

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    Another neat trick you can do with scalar EM is make an aircraft invisible to ordinary radar. Just use multiple transmitters on the airplane to establish a spherical interference shell, in the bandwidth of the threatening radar, around the aircraft.


  4. Dipolar Force Field Propulsion System. James E. Cox patent #4,663,932 This propulsion system was first publicly postulated by its inventor back in 1980 at the ATAA/SAE/ASME ,16th Annual Joint Propulsion Conference in Hartford Conn. in the paper entitled "Electromagnetic Propulsion Without Ionization". This invention is very involved in its technical explanation. To sum it up though, this drive system is best for lifting payloads in atmosphere at very high speeds, with almost complete absorption of outside microwave radiation, making it invisible to radar.


  6. McMahon: That was being set up in 1940 and 1941. In 1941 the radiation laboratory is already established; in December of 1941 they decided to do the Radio Research Laboratory which later was at Harvard. But they began radar countermeasures research in December. Right after Pearl Harbor, in fact, a meeting was called.