Rotating Magnetic Fields

When it comes to the question, wether a technique for conducting the Philadelphia Experiment was available or not, one always has to take a closer look on rotating magnetic fields (RMF) and the effects of those fields. Rotating magnetic fields are capable of producing very strange effects.

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    Galileo Ferraris: The Rotating Magnetic Field


  4. Possibility of Gravitational Force Shielding by E. Podkletnov and R. Nieminen
    Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland 1999
    "Two coils with rotating magnetic fields, similar to those used in regular electric motors, were placed on both sides of the disk, as shown in fig. 1. The disk levitated above the toroidal magnet and was able to rotate around its central axis at a variable speed. The frequency of the electromagnetic field in all three solenoids was varied from 50 to 106 Hz."


  6. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications


  8. If an EM field is somehow rotated extremely fast, shouldn't all matter be repelled from its center? -kgo.

    How fast do you want it rotated? It's fairly simple to construct a system to produce rotating EM waves at whatever rotational velocity you wish by feeding a pair of broadside dipole arrays with quatrature phased waves. It is quite simple to construct a system that would have a rotational velocity of C within the uniform field area. It might also be fairly easy to do this with a Hemholtz coil arangement as well, but the broadside array will be much easier to do at easily engineerable frequencies. Some really interesting paradoxes come about when the rotational frequency is high enough so that the rotational velocity exceeds C within the uniform field area of the arrays or within the hemholtz coils.
    Robert Shannon

    What effect would there be at the boundry where the rotational velocity reached, and then exceeded the speed of light? How could the magnetic field even propogate to the center of the antenna structure if it would have to move faster than light to reach that space? If hemholtz coils were used instead of loops, the magnetic field strength would be uniform inside the structure, how could the field strenght be uniform if there is not sufficient time for the field to propogate through the space inside the structure itself? Could such an effect actually generate a wormhole like phenomena, at energy levels far below that of neutron stars and such? As the causal mechanism, the magnetic field, is in roation, would this describe a traversable worm hole as has been postulated in relationship to rotating black holes?


  10. The ionized particles trapped in the magnetic field around the Eldridge would have rotated around the ship, adding another interesting set of possibilities. Since the Eldridge was floating in in what Physics:Volume 2 calls an "ionic solution", namely sea water, the field around the boat would have an unlimited supply of charged particles to add to its magnetic field.